Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bruises Bruises everywhere and not a drop to spare!

Yep Derby=Bruises!
Currently I am rocking several beautiful shades of blue and purple on various body parts. But hey its all part of the really!
Todays lesson: Ya gotta fall down, You will fall down, It's OK to fall down! Basically the old adage is true! Fall down 100 times get up 101! Thats what this Freshmeat girl is gonna keep doing!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

OH That's right...

Remembered something today. Skating is suppose to be FUN! I hit up the rink on a non-practice day to just skate some laps and work on my elusive crossover. I had a BLAST! Met Brigitte there and Brandy was having her daughter's birthday party today. And we just had fun! I skated tons of laps and prolly did more crossovers ( or attempts anyway) than ever before. We did silly dances and dodged babies and just in general had a great time.
What dawned on me is this is why I was intrigued with derby in the first place. I LOVE to skate. I love feeling like I'm flying with the wind in my hair. I love rolling around like a goof ball and pretending I have rhythm. I love cheesy roller skate music.
For a minute there I was letting some BS ( most of my own doing) get in the way of the fact that I LOVE ROLLERDERBY! Today I was reminded....

Saturday, February 20, 2010

F to the E to the AR!

So I went for a walk today after practice, it was too pretty to stay in! And in my head I was coming up with the things that are holding me back. And I think I can break each one down to fear. It seems to be a irrational fear..aren't they all?

Main Problems:
Cross over...EVERYTIME!
Problem-Fear of falling
Truth-WHAT? I fall all the damn time so why does it bother me to think that I MIGHT tip over a bit in the corner?

Get the self doublt out of my head!
The problem-The echoing voice...You Can't You Can't echo's in my head!
The truth-Would I have thought 8 months ago that I'd even be ON a derby team much less at the point I'm at and how far I've come???

My body type will keep me slow forever.
The truth-Derby LOVES a bigger booty! Perhaps a little better eating habits and a fitness routine outside of practice could help though!

Things usually come so easy for me so if I hven't gotten by now I never will.
The problem-it rarely takes me this long to pick up on something.
The truth-I haven't tried to be on a sports team since High School! This is a real sport and takes skill and dedication. I got one and am working on the other!

So for any fresh meat who might read this. Don't let the problems get you down. Tell yourself the truth and go from there. If you're as addicted as I am you'll stick with it and when the time is right...release your inner Zombie!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Fresh Meat Frustration...NAH!

OK so yeah I'm still FreshMeat, its been 8 months, but WHATEVER! If I'm honest about what's up then it all boils down to my fear level. I gotta get over it STAT!

I have skills they are getting better. I will be a great team mate. And when the time is right my heart and mind will click and I will move on. For now I just gotta learn to trust in myself and become the Zen girl that I know lives in here!

Long Live the Kitty!

Practical Use of Derby Blocking...

So not once but TWICE this week I've called upon my knowledge of blocking to get people the heck out of my way.

Picture it...You're at Mardi Gras taking in a parade everyone around you is in great "spirits" including yours truly. You're catching beads, drinking beers, kissing the hubby when all of a sudden drunk girl forces her way through the crowd and is suddenly right next to you. Not just chillin have a good time like everyone else but in your face, drunk, screaming, dancing and bumping in to everyone including the families with kids. What do you do???

-I started off being nice but after the second time she bumped into me I channeled my "take no prisoners" Hero Femifist and decided to play with her a bit. First I just started with a little bit of a hip block just holding her still. Well that didn't hold her long so I leaned into her for a good couple of minutes. which worked wonders until she decided she needed a new beer....

Now there aren't many rules in New Orleans, even less during Margi Gras, but the cannon law the one that must NOT be broken is glass bottles. Guess what she brought back. Yep a glass bottle of beer. Now I'm not a tree hugger ( well I kinda am) but I'm not against glass bottles. I'm against broken glass and my feet.

So I was forced to take drastic action....I knew she put the bottle down to catch beads the next time a float got close...and she did. Right about that moment I hip checked the mess out of her, took the bottle and threw it away.

Thank goodness she got the message she went to the middle of neutral ground and calmed the heck down. But really people? Sure go out have fun get drunk...I do. But don't get gross and sloppy you never know if there's a derby girl next to you!

More to follow.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Zombie Kitty

Testing 1...2....3....