Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Ok so really this post has nothing to do with Derby.

I've been mostly stuck at home with a broken leg for that past month, which makes me susceptible to tv I wouldn't normally watch. Today I got caught up in the Oprah show with country singer Chely Wright. Recently Ms. Wright made the admission that she is gay.

Listening to her ordeal made two words pop into my head instantly, judgement and respect.

To me judgement is not my job. Its not anyone's job on this earth. I could feel the pain in Ms. Wright eyes as she talked about children who are judged as damaged because they are gay.
Why? To what end? If we damage our future we damage ourselves.

Jesus gave us an 11th commandment" Love your neighbor as you love yourself". No where in the bible are we given the right or even the task of judging others. No one has the right to hurt a child or an adult and decide who they are and if that is wrong.

I am Catholic, I am Christian and I love everyone. I don't care who you are or who you love. I love you!

I close this with a quote from Chely's father" Do not close the door but open a heart"

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Injuries SUCK!

Ok so I had a pretty bad fall, I may have written about it in my last blog, and it forced me to go to the doctor. I go in thinking I have injured my knee and I walked out with a walking cast and a stress fractured fibula...insert groan here.....

Thats right folks 4 weeks on no skating, no activity, no nothing! But as anyone in derby can tell you this is a full contact sport and the potential for injury is very real.

I want to take this big ole sour lemon and make lemonade. I want to use this month to get my eating under control, to work on muscle I rarely work ( upper body, abs) and come back strong!

So why am I feeling so down in the dumps today?
I went to practice, helped with drills (sorta), went to a PR event. But I still feel pretty low. I gotta snap out of this or I'll be headed for a cupcake quicker than Asian Invasion can give me her sad face....if only I really could just find some broccoli to make love to.....