Saturday, April 10, 2010

Derby's Concentric Circle

I don't know if its just DDG but there is definitely a Concentric Circle in our league! Just today I learned that one of my derby sisters is my boss's neighbor. I already skate with a friend I had lost contact with for awhile and a friend who brought me in.
There's no end to the friend of a friend, and just while sitting around at lunch last week three of us figured out our grandfathers worked together on the Moon Shot.
I have a theory that most lives run in a circle until you figure out where you are suppose to be in life. Derby is no exception.
Not only do we share a common bond with the sport we play but we almost all have a common bond OUTSIDE of derby! For example one of my other derby sisters reads the same obscure fantasy novel series.
It just never ends.
Bottom line...if you ever find yourself wondering if derby is for you, look to your concentric circles. If there they're you've got your answer. If they aren't look harder!

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