Saturday, May 1, 2010

Injuries SUCK!

Ok so I had a pretty bad fall, I may have written about it in my last blog, and it forced me to go to the doctor. I go in thinking I have injured my knee and I walked out with a walking cast and a stress fractured fibula...insert groan here.....

Thats right folks 4 weeks on no skating, no activity, no nothing! But as anyone in derby can tell you this is a full contact sport and the potential for injury is very real.

I want to take this big ole sour lemon and make lemonade. I want to use this month to get my eating under control, to work on muscle I rarely work ( upper body, abs) and come back strong!

So why am I feeling so down in the dumps today?
I went to practice, helped with drills (sorta), went to a PR event. But I still feel pretty low. I gotta snap out of this or I'll be headed for a cupcake quicker than Asian Invasion can give me her sad face....if only I really could just find some broccoli to make love to.....


  1. Drink like 2 liters of water right now! It will save you from the cupcake. And then do it again if you have to!

  2. Thanks Badonk I did then I did my upper body workout( in a chair). I sure do miss skating with you though!